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Too many times have we seen white oak planks put in a red oak floor, or select grade patch in knotty grade floor or worse yet, replaced boards patched in on a straight line (not weaved in) for us not to emphasize the importance of a professional repair.  Even carpenters who are skilled at general woodworking often can not tell the the subtle differences between red and white oak or between #1 or a #2 common grade flooring until the floors have been sanded and finished and the repair sticks out like a sore thumb because even though structurally the repair was done right, it is the wrong color.

At Paul's European Touch, wood floors are our only business.  Using the correct grade and species of wood and taking extra care to make sure that the repair blends in nicely, you can trust us to give you professional results.  Sometimes however, using the right materials and the best techniques is still not enough to perfectly blend in the repair.  This could be due to natural changes that take place in the coloring of the original flooring due to aging, or irregular dimensional change in the lumber from years of swelling and contracting.  This does not have to mean that you'll forever have to live with a spot in your floors that everyone will know was a repair.  We have a few "tricks up our sleeves" that we have developed from years of facing similar situations.  Sometimes a little trick with staining or purposely using a lower grade material of the same species to get the slightly darker color mimicking the aging process.  Whatever it takes, we'll do everything that is possible that even in these situations we give you professional results.