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Professional Maintenance (Recoating/Re-Oiling)

Congratulations! You have found the secret to keeping your floors looking like new virtually forever! Periodic SHAVING AND RECOATING should be done when the floor begins to show wear-- don't wait until the finish is completely worn off and dirt and spills have penetrated the wood. Recoating wood floors provides a fresh "wear-layer" of finish and helps "even-out" the surface, returning that like-new shine. Proper recoating will extend the life of your floor and is significantly less time-consuming and less expensive than resanding.

  • Assures a consistently clean and beautiful floor
  • Eliminates future need for refinishing
  • Economical 
  • When To Call Paul’s European Touch Pro Wood Floors For Professional Maintenance?

    We recommend all types of finishes to be recoated (polyurethane) or re-oiled (penetrating oil) periodically. The length of this period will be determined by the amount and type of traffic your floor receives and the care the floor is given between professional visits. The more traffic, the more wear, the more frequently your floors should be done. Generally it is recommended to RECOAT / RE-OIL WOOD FLOORS ANNUALLY. (In high traffic or commercial locations possibly every six months.) This will ensure a consistently beautiful and clean floor. With recoating timing is the maintenance!

    "What Is Shaving & Recoating Or Re-Oiling Anyway?"

    Polyurethanes (and all film forming finishes): This is a procedure that "erases" surface wear from your floors. This stops the wear from going beyond the last layer of finish by regularly exchanging the top coat with a brand new layer. It can eliminate the need to completely refinish your floors forever (as long as it is performed at the same rate as you wear your floor)! First, a fine layer of the existing finish is "shaved" off, (thereby removing all surface scratches, finish wear and small imperfections) then a brand new coat of finish is applied. Shaving is also important to insure proper adhesion. Shaving is economical and hassle free. It costs a fraction of what refinishing costs, and there is very little or no dust produced. It is very important not to wait until your floors are too scratched up OR the finish is badly worn. Such defects are below the last layer of finish and therefore can only be removed by a complete resanding of your floors, the very thing you are trying to avoid by recoating periodically.

    Penetrating Oils: A fine abrasion process removes scuffs and deep cleans your floor, then the re-oiling process rejuvinates your floors and optimizes protection.

    "Will I have to remove all my heavy furniture?"

    No! You don’t walk under the furniture, so the finish is not worn there. The goal is to keep the finish from wearing in traffic areas. Also, since this process does not involve sanding down to the bare wood, there is no need to remove permanently placed pieces of furniture. Should you ever move them in the future, a simple touch-up will blend in that area with the rest of your floor. However, all easily movable and light pieces (chairs, plants etc.) should be removed.

    "How long will the whole process take?"

    It’s all done in a matter of hours. Depending on the finish, dry time is 1-4 hours and the finishes are non-toxic. If you didn't wait too long, only one coat will be needed. Quick and easy! This simple procedure multiplies the lifespan of all finishes. Shaving and recoating will SAVE you money by eliminating the need for future refinishing. You can enjoy your floors year after year without the hassle of periodic resanding.