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Complete Refinishing


This is the most comprehensive refinishing option we offer: sanding all the way down and slightly into the wood itself, then finishing it with a finishing system of your choice. Wood floors that meet any of the following conditions, will need to be completely refinished:

  • Surface (finish) is badly worn
  • Discoloration / stains are visible (if the stain is all the way through the wood, some repair may be necessary to replace damaged boards/area)
  • Finish is chipping or peeling
  • Different color is desired
  • Floor boards are not flush
  • Going the extra mile...or shall we say the extra "cut"

    We strictly follow a 5 step (ie:5 cut, 5 times, 5X) sanding system that is the foundation of a quality finished floor. The 5 cuts refer to the progression of sanding sequences and methods from rough to fine. Often, when consumers get a low price quote on floor refinishing it is based on 2-3 cuts of sanding only. Reducing the amount of sanding cuts from 5 to 2 or 3 certainly provides an opportunity to save time and labor, it is certainly not to be preferred by the quality conscious consumer.

    Dust Containment System






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